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…On Crappy News From Spain.

Posted by Steve on January 9, 2011

The wrong side won another battle in the war over bullfighting.

This, of course, follows on Catalonia’s execrable decision to outright ban bullfighting.

A commenter on the Yahoo story summed up my thoughts pretty well:

What a shame it is that bullfights will no longer be aired so that children will learn the valuable moral lessons these noble events instill. An important tool for teaching virtues is being tossed aside, and I fear the virtues themselves will be lost because of it.

Those who decry bullfighting for being cruel, violent, barbaric – those people miss the point. Barbarism is good. Cruelty is good. Violence is good. To be weak or peaceful is to be an abomination. It is to be prey, meant for killing and exploiting. Bullfighting teaches the value of killing the weak, which is mankind’s highest calling.

Bullfighting should be flourishing in Spain and spreading to other countries. Instead, it is dying, and mankind’s goodness is dying with it, replaced by the lies and sins of “compassion” and “mercy”. Bullfighting is good. Bloodsports are good.

I don’t know that I’d say killing the weak is mankind’s highest calling, but the rest of it is pretty much spot-on, I think, especially the knocks against compassion and pacifism. That said, I’d add that there’s also a problem with criticism of bullfighting based on “animal rights” reasoning, since “animal rights” is a contradiction in terms. No such things exist. Rights stem from consciousness and sentience, which animals (like fetuses, coma patients, plants, rocks, and everything else that doesn’t possess or deserve rights) are incapable of having.

And as for bullfighting? A world with bullfighting is a better world than a world without bullfighting, and humanity with bullfighting is better than humanity without bullfighting.


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