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…On Resurrections.

Posted by Steve on June 25, 2009

Sprouts are back! I saw them in Kroger the other night. They were in the “organic” subsection of the plants section, and didn’t have a pricetag. I thought about getting them, but I got squash instead since I know what to do with that: chop it up and put it on the George Foreman Grill.

Also, I’m back. Not that I went away, I just quit posting to the blog because doing that is time-consuming and boring. I’ve started a bunch of posts and not finished them. The latest was about listing the songs on my iPod that would get me in the most trouble at work if anybody heard them. Which is a concern of sorts, since I listen to my iPod with speakers, not headphones, and keep my office door open. So basically, I have to keep the volume down – and be ready really fast to skip a song or turn stuff off.


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…On Sprouts.

Posted by Steve on May 23, 2009

I remember there used to be this stuff called “sprouts” on salad bars (even at Wendy’s – yes, I remember when Wendy’s had a salad bar). When I was a kid, I called it hair because that’s what it looked like: a medusan tangle of white & green hairlike strands, about three or four inches long each. I remember my mom would buy cartons of it, like the cartons mushrooms or grape tomatoes come in, to put on salads at home. More recently, I remember sandwich shops like Subway or the bagel shop around the corner would offer it as a veggie you could put on your sandwich. And I remember that I liked them, even though for the life of me I couldn’t tell you what they were sprouts of in any more detail than “Not beans” (I know bean sprouts, bean sprouts are the thick sprouts in pad thai and chow mein). And I remember that I liked them on sandwiches and on salads – they added a nice texture to roast beef & swiss, and they were a good compliment to a sliver of lettuce and a load of shredded cheddar drenched in Italian.

Well, I’m starting to think that the Sprout Plant has gone extinct – which is really unlikely since I’m guessing it was something domesticated and grown on farms. Nonetheless, they’ve disappeared. None of the grocery stores I’ve been in lately have had them. None of the salad bars I’ve been to in months have had them. The sandwich places where I could get them last year, they don’t have them anymore. So what happened to sprouts?

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