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…On Political Emails.

Posted by Steve on August 20, 2010

I’m very confused: somehow, several political causes that either I don’t agree with or have nothing to do with me (I don’t live in Maine) have gotten ahold of my email address and keep sending me emails asking me to write politicians or give money. I don’t mind doing that for causes I support – NARAL, say, or the NRA (yes, I believe in unrestricted access to guns and abortions. I also support capital and corporal punishment as well as strong separation of church and state). But I’m not going to do it for causes I oppose – that goes without saying – and I think it’s inappropriate for me to inject myself in state matters for states I don’t live in. Like Maine.

Of course, this spam’s better than the other spam I get.

I just wonder how these organizations got my email address, is all.


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…On Bison!

Posted by Steve on October 4, 2008

Years ago, I used to live near a Ted’s Montana Grill, the restaurant chain owned by America’s wealthiest bedlamite, Ted Turner. They served burgers. What kind of burgers? Bison! They had a little card on the table, that was something like this: “What meat has more protein than beef and less cholesterol than chicken? Bison! What meat is the only 100% made-in-America meat? Bison! What meat is plentiful and nourishing? Bison! What meat do we serve here? Bison!” Basically, it was a matter of shouting, “Bison! Bison! Bison!” Which is, of course, the name of the Plains Bison, Bison bison bison, as evidenced by this photo:

Bison bison bison!

Bison bison bison!


Well, at the National Zoo in DC, they have gorillas. What sort of gorillas? Gorilla gorilla gorilla! Yep, the Western Lowland Gorilla has the same sort of Spam Sketch name as the American Bison (Plains). And I think those names are funny.

Ditto the Spam Sketch…

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