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…On Asinine Election-Related Promotions.

Posted by Steve on October 12, 2008

7-11 is currently running some sort of promotion involving “voting” for President of the United States using coffee cups. My guess is that they have a McCain cup and an Obama cup, and when you get coffee at 7-11, you can show your support for one candidate or the other through your choice of cup. Which, since 7-11 cups are one of the leading types of litter on streets in this state, means I guess that you’ll be able to have your preferred candidate’s name scattered more thoroughly throughout the area? I don’t know.

Then, there’s the even more ridiculous: the Silver Diner chain in the Delmarva states (actually, Marva & Jersey, but close enough) has a “vote-by-menu-choice” promotion going on. That’s right: they have a Barack Obama omelette and a John McCain omelet. Granted, I don’t think that they’re actually saying a preference for a barbecue-themed omelet (and here’s a question: what the hell does Arizona or John McCain have to do with barbecue? Strom Thurmond is barbecue, Jesse Helms is barbecue, Max Cleland is barbecue, even John Edwards is barbecue, but there is no barbecue worthy of the name west of the Appalachians!) versus a Chicago-pizza themed omelet an actually indicator of people’s preferences for, say, Iraq War Policy, and how they’ll actually vote. So I imagine the bit about how they’ll make a “Presidential prediction” based on the sale of these limited-time menu items is tongue-in-cheek for “We might keep the one yall buy and eat more of”. Still, I think it’s a pretty dumb marketing tie-in.


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…On Covering All Your Bases.

Posted by Steve on August 30, 2008

I just clicked through Yahoo, where a little section of the page included news headlines. Among those were this brilliant headline, “Analysis: Palin may be plus or bust for McCain.” What’s not to love about that headline? It rhymes and it addresses all possibilities just as thoroughly as “Weather: Tomorrow may be sunny or rainy.” Or the flyer I saw on campus one time back in college, that was trying to get volunteers to be subjects for some psych study: “Are you a person who smokes marijuana, has smoked marijuana, or has never smoked marijuana?” I’m pretty sure if you did a Venn diagram for that, you’d just get a perfect circle full of people.

Brilliance, I tell you.

As for Sarah Palin and whether she’ll be plus or bust for John McCain, I wasn’t going to vote for John McCain before he picked her as his running mate, and now that he’s picked her I’m still not going to vote for John McCain.

Although, apparently my dad donated to his campaign back in 2000. The things you can learn on the internet.

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