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…On Opposing a Campaign.

Posted by Steve on April 4, 2009

I am still looking for a good way to interfere with groups I oppose. In particular, I want a way to do that when there’s not any real opposite. Sure, if you oppose Little Enders, you can support the Big Enders – but what if there are no Big Enders, just Little Enders, people who don’t care which end, and people who don’t eat eggs at all? Then how do you interfere with the Little Enders efforts to impose their will on the populace? How can I cost them money, make them waste their time, keep them from being able to influence things? How can I force them into the dustbin of history faster?


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…On Donations and Hinderance.

Posted by Steve on September 28, 2008

I know how to give money (or other things, like time to Rebuilding Together or blood to the Red Cross) to support causes I like. It’s pretty simple: identify who to give to, and give to them. But is there a way to “undonate” to hinder causes I oppose? For instance, there’s elections going on. I know how to give money to the campaign of the candidate I support. Is there a way though to cost a candidate’s campaign money if I don’t support that candidate? Or if, say, there’s a group that I think is fighting to make the world a worse place, is there a way to hinder them in a way that would be equal and opposite to sending them $20 or volunteering with them for an hour?

I’m curious, mainly because I want to do it. There’s ways to contribute to the causes you support, shouldn’t there be ways to interfere with the causes you oppose? I want to give negative donations to those.

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