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…On How To Immobilize Your Arms For A Day.

Posted by Steve on January 11, 2009

Step 1: Go to the gym Saturday morning. Do lots of weights involving pulling motions, like Preacher Curls, Seated Row, and Reverse Curls.
Step 2: Go the range Saturday evening. Fire 150 rounds with your new 1911 and around 30 or 40 rounds with your buddy’s 9mm Glock.
Step 3: Spend Sunday doing The Robot because your arms won’t straighten.

I suppose, in the interests of honesty, I should admit it’s been… way too many… months since I’d done Step 1, which is probably the bigger cause of the stiffness and soreness in the biceps (and I wasn’t really exaggerating that I couldn’t straighten my arms today – especially not the right arm) than the time at the range. Still.

As for my new gun, I ended up not getting the Taurus 1911-clone I’d been planning on and got a Rock Island Armory M1911A1 instead. I still kind of regret that, since the Taurus would’ve had a few nice features that I’m missing out on: painted dovetail sights, a real nice beavertail, ambidextrous safety. On the other hand, the Rock Island cost me a few hundred less, and my understanding from reading a few 1911-themed webforums is that it’s good value for the money, a high-quality starter gun if you will, and is one of the guns on the market truest to the original design (I suppose that means to the 1924 A1 addition, not the original-original Model 1911, but then the 1924 update only changed external features, which for the most part were minimal and are hard to notice). It came with an aftermarket magazine, so I’ve got an 8+1 instead of a 7+1, but I’m not really going to complain about that. And while I do wish I had night sights and a beavertail, there’s something really nice about using a century-old design. It appeals to me to use a machine that, though built recently (in the Philippines), is true to a design from a hundred years back.

I do have an annoyance with the cost of ammo. Granted, there’s a good reason for the stuff to cost twice as much as 9×19: it’s twice as much bullet (230 grains versus 115 grains), but the best price I’ve been able to find is still $0.30 a round for FMJ. As my friend can get 9×19 for around $0.20 a round… he gets 50% more rounds per dollar.


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…On Going to the Gun Show

Posted by Steve on October 12, 2008

I went, today, for a little while to a gun show. Not with any intent to buy – and as it turns out, I couldn’t have bought one, since I only brought one form of ID and two are required – but more to browse where hopefully there’d be someone more helpful and informative than at the local stores that sell guns. As it turns out, I succeeded in that, and so now I’m saving up for what will likely be a Taurus 1911. So yay, and thanks to the helpful people at D & J Gun Repair.

Of course, what I really wanted was the mortar that somebody was selling. But then, I don’t have $1300 to spend on a 3-inch mortar, and even if I did… what would I do with a 3″ mortar? Get myself in trouble, that’s what. Ditto the swords: while a gun is going to be practical, allowing me to shoot back and people who are going to be shooting at me, I can’t justify the expense of a working sword (as opposed to a for-home-decoration-only sword-shaped thing) and wouldn’t know how to use one properly even if I did get it.

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