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…On Passover.

Posted by Steve on March 30, 2009

Several years ago, my dad forwarded me a highly amusing version of the haggadah, Michael Rubiner’s Two-Minute Haggadah. From it I took the wonderful motto, “Free people get to slouch.” Well, following in his footsteps and thus carrying on a family tradition of seasonal sacrilege against the faith of my paternal ancestors, I’m pleased to provide you with this link to the Facebook Haggadah.

May you laugh as I did!

And as to why Pharoah’s Advisor’s thumbnail pic is Rasputin, I have no idea.


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…On Cake Mockery.

Posted by Steve on January 25, 2009

Sometimes, the internet makes me laugh. Case in point: when I discovered Cake Wrecks and spent the better part of a half hour laughing uproariously. Ordinarily, cake decorating is not something that interests me (although this one time, a lady at work brought in an impressively-made cake that was decorated to look like a taco), since I don’t usually bother with even baking the cake. But when the cakes are such gems as a No Sexual Harassment cake, the Let’s Snow Rotisserie Chicken cake, or my personal favorite, the Winter cake, cake decoration becomes interesting because it’s absolutely hilarious.

Oh, and for the record? I want sprinkles.

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…On Another Funny Headline.

Posted by Steve on October 26, 2008

Purple Tomatoes Extended Lives of Cancer-Prone Mice. This has made me laugh. As it turns out, the mice are cancer-prone because they’re lab mice developed to lack some cancer-preventing gene, and the tomatoes are purple because they were genetically engineered with the genes responsible for creating the pigment in blueberries, black raspberries, and various flowers. That pigment being also an antioxidant, the whole point was to up the antioxidant content of tomatoes – hence the health benefit for the cancermice.

All in all, though, the headline, “Purple Tomatoes Extended Lives of Cancer-Prone Mice” just comes across as silly nonsense.

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…On Music Videos.

Posted by Steve on October 19, 2008

For your entertainment for the week, as I’ll be unable to post anything further until Saturday, true hilarity: 80s music videos, Literally!


Tears for Fears:

Did you know that a-ha are Norwegian? I didn’t either!

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…On Bison!

Posted by Steve on October 4, 2008

Years ago, I used to live near a Ted’s Montana Grill, the restaurant chain owned by America’s wealthiest bedlamite, Ted Turner. They served burgers. What kind of burgers? Bison! They had a little card on the table, that was something like this: “What meat has more protein than beef and less cholesterol than chicken? Bison! What meat is the only 100% made-in-America meat? Bison! What meat is plentiful and nourishing? Bison! What meat do we serve here? Bison!” Basically, it was a matter of shouting, “Bison! Bison! Bison!” Which is, of course, the name of the Plains Bison, Bison bison bison, as evidenced by this photo:

Bison bison bison!

Bison bison bison!


Well, at the National Zoo in DC, they have gorillas. What sort of gorillas? Gorilla gorilla gorilla! Yep, the Western Lowland Gorilla has the same sort of Spam Sketch name as the American Bison (Plains). And I think those names are funny.

Ditto the Spam Sketch…

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…On Covering All Your Bases.

Posted by Steve on August 30, 2008

I just clicked through Yahoo, where a little section of the page included news headlines. Among those were this brilliant headline, “Analysis: Palin may be plus or bust for McCain.” What’s not to love about that headline? It rhymes and it addresses all possibilities just as thoroughly as “Weather: Tomorrow may be sunny or rainy.” Or the flyer I saw on campus one time back in college, that was trying to get volunteers to be subjects for some psych study: “Are you a person who smokes marijuana, has smoked marijuana, or has never smoked marijuana?” I’m pretty sure if you did a Venn diagram for that, you’d just get a perfect circle full of people.

Brilliance, I tell you.

As for Sarah Palin and whether she’ll be plus or bust for John McCain, I wasn’t going to vote for John McCain before he picked her as his running mate, and now that he’s picked her I’m still not going to vote for John McCain.

Although, apparently my dad donated to his campaign back in 2000. The things you can learn on the internet.

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…On Deitic Strife

Posted by Steve on July 26, 2008

No doubt you have heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He was not, though, the first Prometheus to oppose his tyrannic brethren and reveal himself to humanity in order to help free us from their yokes. In 1990, the Invisible Pink Unicorn did so as well. She is thus, though much less well-known, the older god by a good fifteen years.

Unfortunately, the two don’t appear to get along all that well. Hence, the hilarity of two gods in combat. Seriously, watch it. I think you’ll laugh, and laughter is happiness.

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…On punctuation.

Posted by Steve on July 20, 2008

This blog entry made me laugh quite a bit.

On the topic of punctuation that made me laugh, the other day (Friday) I was reading a paper that was a literature review and best-practices summary of a specific style of transit services. Thrilling, indeed – not to mention thoroughly unenlightening. It did, however, include a hilariously extraneous comma that changed a sentence from being about “Non-drivers and people who use alternative modes” to being about “Non-drivers and people”. Well, I thought it was funny, but when I pointed it out to someone else at work, he didn’t laugh.

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