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…On Seeing The Dark Knight

Posted by Steve on July 18, 2008

I went to see The Dark Knight today after work. I’ll say nothing about the movie, except that though I liked it a great deal, I didn’t feel like I was watching a Batman movie so much as I was watching a movie about The Joker. That could just be an effect of Mr. Ledger’s outstanding performance. Watching him is, indeed, gripping.

Before the previews started, the screen was blank and there was no sound. I liked that. Not that I go to movies often, but I wish when I did, I weren’t being deluged with ads, inane movie trivia, and “behind the scenes featurettes” (longer ads) until the previews started. Strangely, though, this one also came without any sort of “Please turn your cell phones off and keep your mouth shut” sort of message before the previews or the movie. I was pretty certain those came standard.

Instead of ads, I got to listen to two guys a few rows behind me talking about movie musicals. And then, of course, there were previews. The two main things I took away from those were these:

  1. There is to be a 4th Terminator movie, and little could be gleaned about it except that it appears Christian Bale is John Connor. This is, people, a good thing. Christian Bale has made roles work that really had no business working at all (see Equilibrium). He can be an action star, but his characters aren’t all identical, and he can pick his movies. Plus the guy can seriously act for real: take a watch of The Machinist if you don’t believe me. Now, this new Terminator… I wonder if it’ll be tied into the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show. That show… I watched the season, and I thought it… well, it’s trying to be well-written, thought-out, quality sci-fi. Not always succeeding, but definitely in the “A for Effort” category. One particular reason I hope the movie’s tied to the show is that the show has made the good decision to ignore Terminator 3 and pretend it never happened. Since that movie turned into self-parody so very, very quickly, I’d say ignoring it is in the best interests of the franchise.
  2. There is to be another Mummy movie. I only ever saw the first one. Not real excited about it… except it kinda piques my interest just because it has the ever-watchable Michelle Yeoh. I realize her martial arts credentials are strictly limited to what’s been choreographed for her movies, though that’s not peculiar: many stars have likewise simply been dancers and stunt performers rather than actual martial artists in the Bruce Lee/Dolph Lundgren vein. Nonetheless, the woman portrays dignity incredibly well, and I maintain that she totally out-sexied Zhang Ziyi in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – in part because of that dignity and gravitas she brings to her roles.


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