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…On A Wasted Opportunity.

Posted by Steve on August 23, 2010

The song “I Don’t Wanna Be Me” by Type O Negative is a great song. However, the verses have nothing to do with not wanting to be yourself anymore. Just the chorus & the title. I think that’s a shame, because if the song’s verses really had addressed that emotional state, that would make it a perfect song. I mean, not wanting to be yourself, wanting to be someone different, I believe that’s a common feeling. As Neil Peart wrote, “Some of us are born to live our fantasies, but most of us just dream about the things we’d like to be.”

Oh well.


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…On Senatorial Illness.

Posted by Steve on August 8, 2009

I was going to post a review of the Mayhem Festival concert I went to Thursday night (long post short: Slayer live is fucking awesome, Marilyn Manson is pathetic, I still love The Black Dahlia Murder, no matter how ugly you feel you are nobody at a metal concert cares, and Rockstar’s “energy shot” tastes like a cherry crapped out some coffee). Then I was going to post my thoughts on the questions eHarmony asks when you sign up (some of them are flat-out bizarre), since I’m currently carrying out that lengthy process. My mom’s been pushing me to do it for awhile – I think she wants grandkids or something.

But, at the moment, what really interests me is this: how often are U.S. Senators hospitalized? I noticed Sotomayor got confirmed with 99 total votes, and several other justices, like Scalia and Stevens, were confirmed on 97-0 or 98-0 votes. So… there’s supposed to be 100. And the only reason I can think of for the not-voting thing is can’t vote, which means hospitalized or dead. So how routine is it that a senator’s in the hospital? I don’t really keep track of these things.

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…On the Blooddrunk Show.

Posted by Steve on September 18, 2008

The other night, I attended a concert. It was Children of Bodom‘s Blooddrunk tour, with The Black Dahlia Murder and Between the Buried and Me touring as their opener & filler.

Regarding TBDM, who opened, I was still standing out in the rain in line to get my ticket when they started, so I may have missed them playing “This Aint No Fucking Lovesong,” which is my favorite song of theirs. They did a good job of opening, though: got the crowd excited and wanting more. More metal, that is, not necessarily more of them.

See, the crowd was an odd mix: a ton of BTBAM fans, and a veritable horde of the Hate Crew’s people, but not so many TBDM fans. And, strangely, a ton of young people. I was seeing green “under-21” wristbands with X-ed hands left and right, along with kids who couldn’t have been older than 15 and at least two middle/high school kids who were there with their parents tagging along to chaperone them! My guess, judging by the correlation of BTBAM t-shirts to green wristbands (my “I’m over 21, I can booze it up all I want” wristband was blue), is that they drew a lot of the kids. At least, when I was in high school (which corresponded to their magnum opii of Hatebreeder and Follow the Reaper) there wasn’t a huge CoB following, or much of any metal following. There was, however, a plethora of fans of Phish and Government Mule and OAR and The Grateful Dead and all that hippie stoner jam band style, and I thought Between The Buried And Me had that style, just, you know, as metal. They reminded me of Opeth in that regard. Granted, they reminded me of Opeth the way a couple of stoner high school kids playing in the school talent show remind me of the Grateful Dead: they’re trying to sound like them, but they aren’t anywhere near that good. I mean, honestly, are Between The Buried And Me – who I’d never even heard of before I saw the listing for this concert, to tell the truth – ever going to put out something a tenth as legendary as Blackwater Park? I doubt it.

So, the show… it was at The NorVa, where I’d never been before. Very cool found space sort of venue. Not sure what it used to be, perhaps a church? There were, after all, stained glass windows visible way up high. Very open space, which is nice – complete with a horseshoe balcony around the space. From which, if you were lucky, you could be above and parallel to the band while they were playing. Extremely awesome view – and it put you close enough that there was no question the band could hear you when you shouted requests to them between songs. Which they granted (when our request was “Drum Solo! Drum Solo!”).

Children of Bodom, I love their music, that groundbreaking melodic blend of power and death metal. I love that they dug deep into their old stuff for the setlist. I love that they played with all the energy and vitality those arpeggios call for. I wasn’t actually as excited as most everyone else that Randy from Lamb of God joined Alexi in singing “In Your Face”, but I’m just not a big Lamb of God fan. Nor was I one of the people he (Randy) landed on when he dove into the crowd, since I was up on that balcony, next to a very energetically headbanging young lady who had her hair dyed that intriguing burgundy color. So, when he dove into the crowd, I was watching from above. Above. Seriously, the coolness of this venue’s layout cannot be overstated.

Look, I realize this is rambling. I had more of a point when I started this post, but that was on Sunday. It’s been a long week at work – I cleared the 40 hour mark before lunch, and that’s not including time I worked on Saturday and Sunday. So, I wanted to ramble about a concert I enjoyed, by a band whose music I like, at a venue I plan to revisit.

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