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Archive for the ‘About the Blog’ Category

…On “Gravatar”.

Posted by Steve on July 22, 2010

I don’t like it.


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…On Resurrections.

Posted by Steve on June 25, 2009

Sprouts are back! I saw them in Kroger the other night. They were in the “organic” subsection of the plants section, and didn’t have a pricetag. I thought about getting them, but I got squash instead since I know what to do with that: chop it up and put it on the George Foreman Grill.

Also, I’m back. Not that I went away, I just quit posting to the blog because doing that is time-consuming and boring. I’ve started a bunch of posts and not finished them. The latest was about listing the songs on my iPod that would get me in the most trouble at work if anybody heard them. Which is a concern of sorts, since I listen to my iPod with speakers, not headphones, and keep my office door open. So basically, I have to keep the volume down – and be ready really fast to skip a song or turn stuff off.

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…On the Forbidden Topic.

Posted by Steve on April 8, 2009

As I’ve alluded to before, I don’t think it’s appropriate to use this blog to discuss my employer or the specific work that I do. For the past two months, that hasn’t been a problem, since I was laid off. And if I’d wanted to badmouth my former employer, there would have been no need to do that here, since someone created a website devoted solely to that purpose. However, on April 16th, the day after my income tax return is due (I’ll be submitting it some time later this week once I’m at my parents’ place and have access to a printer), I’ll begin my new job in a municipal government’s public works department. Accordingly, I won’t ever be talking about that city again, at least for the duration of my employment there. Just thought I’d share.

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…On Writing.

Posted by Steve on February 8, 2009

I haven’t touched the blog in awhile, it seems, and I know that’s a bad way to gain readers, or keep the one or two I already have. I actually do have a lot of posts that were started and are semi-complete, but they’re none of them finished and ready for publication. It appears that I lose focus while writing fairly often, and accordingly fairly often don’t finish what I started.

Unfortunately, the same applies to my resume. I’ve had the file open in OpenOffice since Friday afternoon, and have barely made any progress updating it. Which, seeing as how I’m about to be unemployed due to lay-off, isn’t exactly a good thing for me. After all, I need another job.

The troubling thing about writing the resume is that I’ve had a job for a year and a half – so I don’t know if, and if yes then how much, I should still include education-related info in the resume, the way I did when applying for this job I’m now losing, as if I’m a fresh-out-of-college hire. After all, I do only have a year and a half’s experience at this one job, which even going into detail about all the stuff I did (and did well) leaves room for more.

Anyway, as to why I haven’t been posting for you, my practically non-existent regular readership, that’s it: failure to finish started posts, and having to do more important things than blog.

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…On Why No Posts.

Posted by Steve on November 9, 2008

Richmond on business again this week, which means no posts till next weekend. No posts this weekend because I caught a cold. No posts this past week because of the cold and a huge deadline at work.

Besides, it isn’t like anything important happened this last week.

But, I do promise posts upon my return. One to two posts about books, for a minimum, maybe a news item, maybe an observation or something, and I’ve got one or two other thoughts a’brewin’.

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…On Music Videos.

Posted by Steve on October 19, 2008

For your entertainment for the week, as I’ll be unable to post anything further until Saturday, true hilarity: 80s music videos, Literally!


Tears for Fears:

Did you know that a-ha are Norwegian? I didn’t either!

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…On Washington, DC.

Posted by Steve on September 27, 2008

I spent the past week on vacation. This included several days in DC. Expect upcoming ruminations on things I encountered there. In the meantime, let me simply point out that I was a good boy, as evidenced by the fact that I didn’t rob the Library of Congress, the National Zoo, or the National Museum of Natural History. Even though I really, really, really want a Gutenberg Bible, a Panda, and pretty much the entirety of the National Gem Collection gallery. Have you seen those gemstones? The colors are exquisite. Seriously, quite beautiful. Of little practical use, but very beautiful.

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…On how this looks.

Posted by Steve on September 2, 2008

I’m trying to figure out if it’s something with my Firefox/my display settings, or the WordPress layout I’m using that’s causing this. When I look at my blog here, I have stuff jutting out of its column into other columns and looking all messy. Does it look that way to you?

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