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…On Joe Bouchard.

Posted by Steve on October 18, 2009

You most likely do not know who Joe Bouchard is, especially since I’m not talking about the Blue Öyster Cult bassist, because you most likely do not live in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Well, Joe Bouchard is the incumbent delegate to the Virginia General Assembly from the 83rd District. And in his effort to defeat Chris Stolle and get reelected two weeks from Tuesday, he has released what may well be the worst attack ad I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, I saw it come on TV the other night, and I was just baffled by why the Bouchard campaign thought it would sway people against Chris Stolle. See, it doesn’t attack Stolle’s proposals, or his judgment, or his values, or his ideas, or his record from another position… ok, it does that last, but it’s a ridiculous stretch. See, Chris Stolle works at a hospital. So, of course, Bouchard’s put on tv an ad that attacks… the hospital.


Tellingly, the ad has not been put on YouTube. As it stands, it’s just one more example of the reason I don’t like election season – which seems to be neverending here in Virginia: the damned campaigning.


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