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…On Resurrections.

Posted by Steve on June 25, 2009

Sprouts are back! I saw them in Kroger the other night. They were in the “organic” subsection of the plants section, and didn’t have a pricetag. I thought about getting them, but I got squash instead since I know what to do with that: chop it up and put it on the George Foreman Grill.

Also, I’m back. Not that I went away, I just quit posting to the blog because doing that is time-consuming and boring. I’ve started a bunch of posts and not finished them. The latest was about listing the songs on my iPod that would get me in the most trouble at work if anybody heard them. Which is a concern of sorts, since I listen to my iPod with speakers, not headphones, and keep my office door open. So basically, I have to keep the volume down – and be ready really fast to skip a song or turn stuff off.

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