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…On Facebook… for Professionals!

Posted by Steve on January 2, 2009

When I went to my parents’ house for Christmas, my brother-in-law and my dad had a conversation about something called “Linked In“, which my brother-in-law described as “like Facebook for professionals. Well, when I got back home, and went in to work on Monday, there was a posting on the company intranet about how Linked In can be a useful tool for establishing and maintaining contacts with potential clients, and its use is encouraged so long as appropriate etiquette and decorum is maintained, but it shouldn’t be treated as a substitute for facetime with clients.

Well, prompted by that, I decided to register. Whee, now I’m on another social network. Hopefully, this one will in fact turn out useful. Since I’ve been registered for less than six hours, I can’t give a review or commentary on it, but that’ll be coming forth.

As to Facebook… I think I’ve mentioned this before, but when I started using it, it was I think my freshman year at Vanderbilt and you had to have a college email address to register. For that matter, your college had to be on the list of colleges that it had been set up for (every week it opened up to more and more colleges – I guess it was just as they worked down a list). It’s changed a lot since then. Although being limited to college students obviously shut out a lot of people, it gave it a core purpose. Kind of like Linked In has, I guess. So maybe my brother-in-law’s comparison was pretty good.

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