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…On Mentos.

Posted by Steve on December 18, 2008

While I can’t say that I’ve consumed enough Mentos products to have an opinion on them – or, for that matter, to have a firm understanding of whether they’re gum, breath mints, or just plain candy – I can say that (jingle aside) I like the consistent theme of their ads: with a pinch of audacity and a heaping of quick wits, you can get out of a jam by thinking of a clever solution.

Well, the other night (Tuesday) I was at a restaurant because I could get free food there. The waitresses were all wearing what I guess is best referred to as “Christmas Flair”. One had a reindeer-antler headband (Reindeers are actually domesticated Caribous), another had a snowman scarf on, etc. Well, one had apparently forgotten her flair that night. What did this clever woman do? She raided the restaurant’s decor, taking two small ornaments off of the Christmas tree and replacing her earrings with them. It made me smile.

And, it made me think of Mentos ads.

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