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…On A Few Other Places to Eat in Richmond.

Posted by Steve on November 1, 2008

I left out a few places in the prior post about where to eat in (primarily downtown) Richmond. Oops.

First, I advise against eating at the Capital Alehouse around 7th and Cary or 6th and Main. When I ate there, my co-diner got sick from her scallops and I got a “jerk” chicken that was sweet and not spicy. Let’s be clear about this: jerked food is supposed to be hot-spicy and savory, not sweet. It’s made with a variation of the habañero pepper. You can call your food jerk chicken, but if it ain’t hot, it ain’t jerk.

On the other hand, I highly endorse drinking beer there. They don’t make any of their own, as best I can tell, but they had an amazing list of available beers on tap, and an even wider variety available bottled. I’d take my dad there, and beer snob that he is he’d love it, but I’d bring him there for drinking only, not for eating.

A place that does make their own beer, and a mighty fine beer, is Legend at 7th and Perry off of Commerce in South Richmond, whose beers are available throughout Virginia. Many varieties are only available at the brewery, though, which conveniently has an attached restaurant with good German fare, although sadly they’d run out of sauerbraten the last time I was there. Seriously good beer (I’ve had several varieties), good beer-food, and if you sit outside a killer view of the skyline across the James.

Also south of the James is O’Toole’s on Forest Hill. Best ribs I’ve had since the last time I was at my parents’ place and dad made ribs, which was a couple years ago.

Back to downtown, some will tell you that Perly’s on Grace between 1st and 2nd is a great sandwich shop, but I’m honestly not the biggest fan. I honestly prefer the sandwiches at the Padow’s on the Broad side of City Hall, especially the Commonwealth Club. At Perly’s, I find too many of the sandwiches contain a salami that just overwhelms the palate and blocks all the other flavors in the sandwich.

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