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…On Donations and Hinderance.

Posted by Steve on September 28, 2008

I know how to give money (or other things, like time to Rebuilding Together or blood to the Red Cross) to support causes I like. It’s pretty simple: identify who to give to, and give to them. But is there a way to “undonate” to hinder causes I oppose? For instance, there’s elections going on. I know how to give money to the campaign of the candidate I support. Is there a way though to cost a candidate’s campaign money if I don’t support that candidate? Or if, say, there’s a group that I think is fighting to make the world a worse place, is there a way to hinder them in a way that would be equal and opposite to sending them $20 or volunteering with them for an hour?

I’m curious, mainly because I want to do it. There’s ways to contribute to the causes you support, shouldn’t there be ways to interfere with the causes you oppose? I want to give negative donations to those.


One Response to “…On Donations and Hinderance.”

  1. […] by Steve on April 4, 2009 I am still looking for a good way to interfere with groups I oppose. In particular, I want a way to do that when there’s not any real opposite. Sure, if you […]

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