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…On Victoria’s Secret

Posted by Steve on September 19, 2008

Sometimes when I open my mailbox, I have mail that was destined for the apartment next door (which is currently vacant, but whatever). Most recently when that happened, the piece of mail was a Victoria’s Secret catalog.

I’m told the models therein are sexy, and I’ve heard it said I should want a girlfriend looking like that. What rubbish.

Hipless, curveless, shapeless bodies with only the slightest smattering of cleavage – which is, of course, of dubious veracity – to keep them from being utterly androgynous. That is beauty? Blech. To quote the movie title, “real women have curves.” The Victoria’s Secret models, they’ve got no curves, no flesh – and of course, given the poses and makeup and lighting and so forth, no semblance of personality.

No, that aesthetic doesn’t appeal to me at all. For beauty, I turn to these beauties before I’ll turn to the Victoria’s Secret style.

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