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…On Today’s Victory.

Posted by Steve on September 13, 2008

When I was your age, we never started the season 3-0 – certainly not with a win over South Carolina in the mix.

And certainly not by shutting someone out the whole second half! That, more than anything, was always Vandy’s undoing while I was there: just not having the roster depth to keep from crumbling in the fourth quarter.

Of course, trying to actually field a team of amateur student-athletes in a conference that’s openly a professional league treating itself as being to the NFL what AAA-ball is to the Major Leagues doesn’t help, and with schools that instead of doing their duty and taking the Boston University approach to cheating, get caught about once every decade facilitating it doesn’t help with that whole winning record thing.

Anyway. Rice 21, Vanderbilt 38. Nice and undefeated so far.

Who ya with?

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