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…On Milkshakes.

Posted by Steve on August 31, 2008

I have yet to see There Will be Blood, though I’m interested. Mostly, because I saw the following Saturday Night Live skit and it intrigued me about the movie:

Linked, not embeded, cause it’s at NBC’s website

I too love milkshakes, though I’m not an oil man. Of course, I don’t much care for using my blender (too much of a hassle to clean up), so I typically just use a spoon to smoosh ice cream around in a cup. Possibly with chocolate syrup or malt powder. Or Slim Fast powder so I can claim the milkshake as a meal since it will then contain vitamins.

Or, of course, I pay someone to make me a milkshake. There’s a few ways to do this. Most burger joints (excluding, as far as I can remember, Burger King, but including the non-burger Arby’s) serve shakes. So too do ice cream places, though why someone would shell out that ton of money for a shake at a Ben & Jerry’s or a Coldstone or etc. is beyond me. Especially when those places serve megasundaes.

But the best, I think, are diner-type establishments. If for no other reason than that they have a multitude of flavors you just won’t get elsewhere, and the strawberry shakes usually contain actual strawberries. You know the sort of place I mean. Stake & Shake for national chain, but better the regional chains like the Silver Diner in the Delmarva states, or the purely local places like Atlanta’s OK Cafe or Nashville’s Elliston Soda Shop, or Clemson’s ’55 Exchange.

I don’t really have a point. I just love milkshakes.

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