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…On punctuation.

Posted by Steve on July 20, 2008

This blog entry made me laugh quite a bit.

On the topic of punctuation that made me laugh, the other day (Friday) I was reading a paper that was a literature review and best-practices summary of a specific style of transit services. Thrilling, indeed – not to mention thoroughly unenlightening. It did, however, include a hilariously extraneous comma that changed a sentence from being about “Non-drivers and people who use alternative modes” to being about “Non-drivers and people”. Well, I thought it was funny, but when I pointed it out to someone else at work, he didn’t laugh.

One Response to “…On punctuation.”

  1. Ames said

    Steve! You has a blog! I like.

    Also, yes. I hate bad punctuation. You need to see some of the NYC Transit warnings. They’re the worst run-on sentences ever. From memory, as near as I can get it: “please do not throw litter onto the tracks as litter may cause fires and sparks which damage the cars and hurt other passengers because a little litter goes a long way.”

    Wow. Seriously. No punctuation.

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